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Life support scuba equipment should be serviced as per the manufacturer's suggestion. For most brands this would be annually. This time frame is based on an average of 50 dives per year. If you dive more than this, especially in more corrosive environments such as salt water, you may consider servicing your gear more than once a year.

With an annual service, life support gear is brought back to manufacturer's performance specs. This entails a complete breakdown of all components, internal and external, a thorough cleaning and replacement of working parts provided in the manufacturer's service parts kits. Gear systems are then tested on performance and checked for any leaks.

Life support gear purchased from authorized dealers must be serviced annually, or may be subject to void the parts warranties. Please call if you have any specific questions about service or inquiries as to specific time periods for maintaining warranties. Average time frame for service is five working days.

FYI****   Most major brands should be serviced annually.

****  Exceptions..... Atomic regulators... 2 years or 300 dives

****   Dacor brand is not now becoming available again!!!

****   Computer battery life is usually based on (40) one hour dives. Some

may go even longer. But if diving more than this, may be common to change batteries more than once a year.

* Post dive care and maintenance is just as important as annual service. This will lengthen the life of the gear you have invested in. It is not uncommon to get 20 years of average diving out of a properly maintained system.

If you are unsure of proper post dive care, Equipment Techniques classes are

taught for a nominal fee. Class covers maintenance specific to your pieces

of gear.

**At The Dive Shop II an Extended Labor Contract is provided for customers who have purchased their Air Delivery and Bouyancy Systems from us. This contract is post dive cleaning after travel or "dirty dives" at no charge to you. Average time frame for cleaning is two working days.

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Scuba diving equipment is incredibly dependable, but it is life support equipment, engineered to take you where humans aren’t designed to go.  Each piece of equipment has a specialized purpose, and the aspects surrounding product education, fit, function and service may be as important to you personally as is the equipment itself.  It’s all part of the value equation, and why it is important to buy your equipment only through authorized dealers.  If you don’t know whether a particular reseller is an authorized dealer call the manufacturer directly, or confirm it by using the authorized dealer listings on the manufacturers websites.

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