the scuba Dive certification process

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Start your scuba adventure today with our top-rated scuba diving certification training program.  At your convenience, and in the comfort of your own home, you review the text, watch the DVD, utilize the interactive online information, and complete the study guide.

To make sure that you have met all Scuba Schools International(SSI) defined learning objectives, you will take a final exam.  A passing score is 80%.


What you need to have...

Step One = Study Academics at home

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Step two = Academic Review

You will have an academic and equipment review session with your SSI Instructor to make sure you are comfortable and confident in all scuba diving concepts.

Step three = Pool Sessions

After your academic and scuba equipment review session, it is off to the pool to become comfortable and proficient with your new scuba skills and scuba equipment under the guidance of a professional Scuba Schools International Instructor.

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