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Anyone can learn to snorkel safely and comfortably with professional training and proper equipment.

If that desire is on your bucket list, we are here to help.

Dive Shop snorkeling classes are conducted by snorkeling instructors to ensure safe, confident, and comfortable snorkeling skills that you will treasure for a lifetime.

If you’re already a snorkeler and are tired of using sub-standard or borrowed equipment on your trips, we can assist you with finally owning your own properly fitted personal snorkeling system.

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The Dive Shop II

1222 Westpark Dr.

Little Rock, AR 72204


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If you sign up for a snorkeling class you will receive:

  1. -Viewing the snorkeling DVD to introduce proper snorkeling techniques such as entries, exits, and body positioning in the water

  2. -Water time with a Snorkeling Instructor in our indoor heated pool that is perfect for practicing your snorkeling skills

  3. -Proper care and maintenance of your new snorkeling equipment.

Class time is around 3 hours.